Marble Slab Catering

You can count on us to dish out the freshest ice cream and turn any office party or family gathering at home into a special moment!


We will bring you the freshest ice cream on earth to you by the pan, and provide you with the tools like cups and spoons, and you and your guests can scoop the ice cream desired!

“Service Bar”

As the name suggests, we will set up a Service Bar at your premises equipped with a smiling server, who will scoop the ice cream desired and serve it with a great smile!

“Portable Slab”

We will bring the best of Marble Slab Creamery to your party, with our famous “marble slab” for some slab action! A theatrical experience guaranteed.


Marble Slab Catering

Basic Minimum Package (serves 120 single scoops):

  • 4 pans of Ice Cream of your choice (2 flavours of your choice)
  • 120 sets of cups, scoops napkins
  • Simple setup for 2 hours event
  • Free Delivery
  • Serve-it-yourself
  • S$500

Additional Services 1

Service Surcharge
Service Bar With 1 ice cream crew S$100
Ice Cream Freezer 2 With Ice Cream Freezer S$200
Portable Slab 3 With "marble slab" and 2 ice cream crew S$450

Additional Items

Item Serving Size Unit Price
Ice Cream Pan (Sold in pairs) 30 Scoops/pan S$90/pan
Mix-ins/Toppings 50 Servings S$18
Cups & Spoons 50 S$10