The former site of Brookvale Park will now be occupied with the brand new development of the Ki Residences. This residence condo would be located at the heart of the exclusive Sunset Way enclave. In February 2018, this property was purchased by real estate developers Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Group at the cost of $530 million. This has been the biggest joint investment of the Sunway group and Hoi Hup. They have plans to deliver an astounding residential building that would contain 660 luxury units built in the total area of 373,008 square feet.

The location of Ki Residences is one of the posh regions well known for its residential projects, nearby greenery and proximity to the best international education.

The Ki Residences have a lease of 999 years on the prime location of Singaporean real estate. The supreme location near to the natural bliss makes it an attractive investment. It is a rare opportunity for the people who are seeking a freehold property in the most desirable Clementi Region

Why Ki Residences Condo Development would be the best choice?

Ki Residences have direct access to Clementi MRT and have easy connectivity to the main expressways like Ayer Rajah Expressway. The expressways make navigation easier for the residents. The Clementi Bus interchange is also located very near to the condo and the availability of multiple buses through Clementi Avenue adds to more convenient access for the inhabitants of Ki Residency.

The benefits of the perfect location of the former Brookvale Walk en bloc would now prove to be advantageous for the Ki Residences condo. The location is highly sought for its serenity, greenery, and tranquility. Also, the proximity of restaurants, shopping malls, and nightlife make the location even more alluring.

Singapore’s elite residential project

The residential neighborhood of SunsetWay enclave is marked as one of the most exotic ones in Singapore with a two-story bungalow and luxury condo decorating the crisp streets. This sense of community and security makes the Ki residences a supreme place to live in.

Beautiful foliage makes it up for an immediate gateway from the city life to nature. People are surely going to relish the serene time while returning from work to Ki Residences. Amidst this quiet environment stands the market place of Clementi Town which is just outside the doorstep. It’s a perfect combination of silence and an acceptable hustle.

Luxury Facilities all around

The former Brookvale Park en bloc already had multiple luxury facilities such as tennis courts, indoor gym, clubhouse, swimming pools, sun deck, and children’s playground. These facilities would be upgraded with the modern amenities for the Ki Residences. So, you can be sure that when you book your space at Ki Residences, you would gift yourself the best stunning condominiums.

The real estate names which are attached to Ki Residences are Sunway Developments and Hoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd. They both form to be a renowned team and their work history has always been remarkable. The firm reputation of the pair as luxury condo developers of Asia will make Ki Residences as one of the most sought after and best luxury developments in Singapore.





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