Singapore features some of the most beautiful structures in the world. The Pasir Ris 8 Condo is an upcoming mixed-use development. It is featured as the best condominium in the state because of its situation and amenities it will offer. Allgreen Properties and Kerry Properties are going to develop this site. They had partnered to place a bid of nearly S$700 million for this project. Their concept proposal and bid were accepted by the HDB and CEC because these two partners had placed the highest bid for Pasir Ris Central Condo tender.

Being a mixed-use site, Pasir Ris 8 condo is going to feature commercial and residential development along with a polyclinic, a town plaza, and a bus interchange. It will be the community focal point for the residents of the Pasir Ris Central region.

Notable amenities:

The proposed condominium Pasir Ris 8 project is going to feature 480 private homes. Its maximum permissible floor area is around 95,000 sq-meters and the maximum permissible building height is around 49-53m. It will be known as Pasir Ris Central residences. People living in this place will get the following amenities:

  • A quick commute to the Changi Airport:

The Pasir Ris housing estate is located near the Changi International Airport in Singapore. It is also the nearest residential estate. The residents can reach Changi Airport within ten minutes by a car or within 20 minutes by bus. People, working in the logistics business, aircraft industries, and freight businesses would find Pasir Ris Central Condo the best destination to live in Singapore.

  • Located near the East-West MRT line:

The East-West MRT line links the Pasir Ris 8 region to the rest of Singapore. It will be the main route of transportation for people living in Pasir Ris Central Residences. The Cross Island Line will also connect this region to al the main areas in Singapore. Thus, it will take 30-40 minutes to reach the city. You can reach any part of Singapore within 40 minutes via the East-West MRT line, which just a few minutes away from the development site.

  • Great shopping destinations:

Pasir Ris Central is renowned as the home for the best shopping destinations in the city. The residents can visit NTUC Downtown East, White Sands Mall, and Elias Mall to buy all the required things. There are several eating outlets that feature the most delicious cuisines from different parts of the globe.

  • Top schools and education centers:

Pasir Ris Central also features some of the finest schools in the city. The residents can choose from Pasir Ris 8 Central Educational Centers, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School, LEAP SchoolHouse, Pasir Ris Primary School, Meridian Secondary School, and Hai Sing Catholic School.

Final thoughts:

The Pasir Ris 8 Condo is going to be developed on a 99-year leasehold site. It will feature all sorts of condominiums and apartments for residence. You should invest in this condo if you want to live close to Changi Airport and enjoy a relaxing life with all the modern amenities. It will be a dream destination to live an entertaining life.




For anybody venturing into real estate investing, your odds of success are higher in the event that you learn from other successful investors. Real estate investing may be a tricky field to navigate, especially if it’s the case that you don’t understand where to start. It can get pricey, and buying a house on a whim is not a good plan of action no matter how good the deal is.

The investor assessing a property on the grounds of cap rate faces the challenging job to ascertain the acceptable cap rate for any particular level of the risk. Investors would like to get the most from their money so if there is apparently a developing demand for rentals by young families, an investor won’t have to buy an immense investment property to target the youthful family. The savvy investors will merely move if there’s an insanely great deal, and they move fast. Foreign investors have scooped up several trophy skyscrapers over the past calendar year.

The very last thing you would like to do is spend more than your investment could be worth. Be certain the property you’re contemplating buying is a smart investment by looking closely at the location and projected future evolution of the surrounding area. In that sense, it’s simple to see why investing in the building site of the industry may also be smart.

When it regards investment in Singapore, you cannot ignore property. While this kind of investment may provide solid, long-term returns, in addition, there are many prospective headaches and unforeseen expenses that could outweigh the positive aspects. Possessing A Get-Rich-Quick Mentality So many men and women feel that real estate investment will cause instant wealth.


In other word, if you put money into a property and keep in it. In addition, the property might have been rented out during a time period, thus providing a greater return than that which the sales price suggested. If you can get a property much less expensive than the neighbors and rent out at the industry rate, you’ll get a greater rental yield. You can’t go out and purchase any property from the MLS and hope it will become an excellent rental. The property may have insect damage, or maybe someone might have died in the house. If you opt to rent out the property you have bought, you need to pay income tax on your rental income.

Despite the fact that you don’t need to purchase physical property to put money into real estate, there’s at least one strategy that can help you have your cake and eat that, too. If you’re angling to put money into real estate but in addition need to diversify, investing in a real-estate themed ETF may be an intelligent move. You might also be wondering in the event you should put money into real estate in a conventional sense as in, becoming a landlord. Real estate was shown to rise consistently in value over the very long run.

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