You no longer need to hesitate on the additional toppings in creating your perfect ice cream treat due to the additional costs which may be incurred, nor experience any rude shock at the cashier when the bill comes up to more than what you can swallow (literally). Happiness is simplified with the open option to choose your fill from more than 30 mix-ins available! After choosing your desired ice cream flavor and mix-ins, you can opt to enjoy your happiness in a cup or a freshly baked plain ice cream cone at no additional charges. There’s no catch, just pure creamy goodness.

You can also indulge without inhibitions at Marble Slab Creamery with Coco Pure – our new vegan, lactose free and gluten free coconut based ice cream. Not only does it taste great, it is suitable for almost everyone!

Coco Pure is not made with dairy milk, animal product or ingredients containing gluten. Light, creamy and addictive, there is zero cholesterol and trans fats and also lesser calories and sugar in Coco Pure Ice Cream compared to the average dairy ice cream. It’s the perfect treat to share with friends who have lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivities!

Coco Pure also contains Phytosterol, a higher content of Omega 6 fatty acids and 137 times more lauric acid than milk; all of which helps in lowering bad cholesterol and reducing risks of heart diseases.

So what we are really saying is that there are finally legit reasons to have ice cream!

Sundaes and Hotbites

Enjoy perennial Sundae favourites like Banana Split or get a Celebration Platter for a group celebration! A freshly baked Country Waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream is also bound to satisfy all dessert cravings!